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Gorgeous Skin Gift Box

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For the woman who loves to care for her skin, this is the ultimate box. Including Citrus Cream Cleanser 30gm, Red Clay 20gm (feel free to request another colour if you wish), Neroli Hydrosol 20ml, Ageless Skin Moisturiser 30gm and Night Cream 30gm, it makes a fabulous gift, or a wonderful way to kick start your plant-based skin care collection (and buying this way will get you 20% off the normal price!). Beautifully packaged, complete with Ferrero Rocher chocolate. For full product descriptions see below.

Citrus Cream Cleanser: Seeming more like a moisturiser than a cleanser, this skin-nourishing cleanser cleans gently, without removing the natural oils from your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smelling beautiful.

Red Clay: Well known for its benefits to mature or dry skin, this makes a fabulously natural exfoliator/skin treatment.

Neroli Hydrosol: The by-product of the distillation process of essential oils, this natural product contains only the water-based parts of the plant. The softer fragrance (more earthy than the Neroli fragrance you might expect) and the lovely natural properties makes this a wonderfully gentle facial toner for mature skin. Keep it in the fridge to make it extra cool for hot summer days.

Ageless Skin Moisturiser: This super-moisturiser has a divine combination of the best ingredients for skin you'd like to keep young. It moisturises beautifully, leaving the skin soft and smooth, and smelling great. Designed for the face, it also comes in handy for the odd application on extra dry hands. You won't need much - a little goes a long way.

Night Cream: A luxurious cream made from a selection of the best ingredients to feed your skin while you sleep. This night cream nourishes the face and neck like you wouldn't believe - and it comes in very handy for overly-dry hands or a spot of sunburn, too. One to soothe the nerves also, it's a delight to use at bedtime.