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The combination of Troubled Skin Essential Oil Blend (50ml) and Skin Calm (40gm) will help speed your skin to recovery, with soothing, nourishing and regenerating ingredients.

Troubled Skin Essential Oil Blend
This blend consisting of German chamomile, yarrow, everlasting, myrrh, lavender true & juniper berry essential oils in plant based solubiliser is made for use in the acute/inflammatory stage of skin reactions. Add (following instructions on the bottle) to a bowl of lukewarm water, mix well, immerse a face cloth, wring out the excess and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes, re-soaking and wringing the cloth after 10 minutes. For larger areas, use a hand towel.

Skin Calm
Using our much loved Day Cream as a base product, this wonderfully soothing cream has German chamomile, yarrow, East Indian sandalwood, palmarosa, patchouli and lavender true essential oils added to enhance it's gentle yet relieving properties. For anyone who suffers from dryness, cracking, inflammation, redness or itching related to a range of skin conditions.

Always use essential oils with care on sensitive skin - do a patch test on a small area first, and consult a qualified aromatherapist if you have any questions or concerns.
If at any stage your skin starts tingling, itching or stinging after application, cease use and apply plain vegetable oil to the skin and wipe off, then wash with lukewarm soapy water. Your reaction will likely be worsened if you don't use vegetable oil before washing.