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About Karyn


My aim

Whether through massage, aromatherapy treatments or natural body care products, my aim is to help you to find solutions to your health issues. I believe your involvement in your own healing is essential, in order for healing to take place. I will work alongside you as your partner in health, showing you simple ways through which you can take an active role in regaining and maintaining your health. This will allow you to have a better understanding of your health and be empowered by doing something to help yourself.

About Karyn

Karyn studied her Aromatherapy Diploma at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2001, and has specialised in Aromatherapy and natural body care products receiving her Diploma in March 2002.

In January 2002 Karyn moved to Melbourne, where she established a healthy business, with many happy clients and customers. In July 2015, after 13 years away from home, Karyn moved back to New Zealand to live and work in Carterton, in the Wairarapa.

Karyn's experience

The benefits of aromatherapy reach far and wide. They can be valuable as either a stand-alone treatment or compliment to other methods of treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

Karyn also practices Swedish massage, and makes natural body care products. Over the last 19 years she has worked with clients during and post pregnancy, with children, treated cracked/damaged skin, digestive disorders, anxiety, colds, sinus, infections and stress, had much experience working with inflammatory skin conditions and relief of stress and muscular tension, and much more. 

Through customised treatment plans and essential oil blends, products or aromatherapy/massage treatments, Karyn's clients have gained much relief from symptoms which troubled them.

Karyn has personal experience with sensitivities to some foods, detergents, soaps and skin and hair care products. This gave her a better understanding of the needs of people with sensitivities, and how widely our needs differ. It also gave her a serious interest in this area.

Karyn loves making products for people with specific needs and/or sensitivities to some of the more common, synthetic skin care products, or because they want a product tailored to their needs. Since receiving her Diploma this interest has continued to grow. Mostly due to the results achieved see when helping people find replacements for products they react to, or how happy they are to see their name on the bottle of a product made just for them. There is great potential in aromatherapy, to help people with ailments which can be so difficult to overcome.

Karyn has worked with a lot of clients suffering with muscular tension/pain. Areas of the body vary, from over-used hands and arms, tightness and pain in the neck and shoulders, lower back pain, and also the relief of tightness and discomfort in the legs and feet. The most common troublesome areas among her clients has been the neck, shoulders and back, so she has worked a lot on these areas. With a combination of heat, massage and essential oils, clients usually report much relief at the end of a session. It's also important to note that general self care has played a large role in achieving great results for clients. For example stretches, relaxation, exercise, healthy lifestyle etc.

While there are cautions which should be heeded in aromatherapy, natural products, if used correctly, can be very beneficial in helping you treat and incredible range of conditions of the mind, body and spirit. When you're treated holistically you benefit more, as you're treated as a whole person, instead of focusing on just the ailment, which is just one part of the bigger picture. With holistic treatment there is potential for healing in many areas.