Summer essential oil blend 5ml

galaxy aromatherapy

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This blend is discounted for quick sale, as it has a shorter than usual expiry date (see below). If stored in the fridge with the lid properly fastened, it will be okay for another couple of months. The perfect way to buy if you'll get through it before it expires. Stock is limited.

Summer is a summery, uplifting blend. It has a happy, fresh, citrusy aroma which is sure to lift your spirits. Named Summer but use is by no means restricted to the summer season - it's also the perfect blend to refresh you and lift your mood in the cooler months.

* This blend is not suitable for use on the skin/in the bath.

Best before May 2022

Ingredients: Grapefruit, lime, cedarwood atlas, Scotch pine and lemongrass essential oils.

Take this lively blend wherever you go, in a stylish Aromatherapy Inhaler.