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Aromatherapy Inhaler

galaxy aromatherapy

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Not your average aromatherapy inhaler, these elegant aluminium inhalers have a glass inner tube, inside which sits a replaceable wick which has been presoaked in 1ml of your choice of Galaxy Aromatherapy essential oil blend. Once the oil has evaporated it can easily be topped up by removing the wick, sitting one end in a small quantity of the blend you're using. Don't allow it to become over saturated, or have excess oil inside the tube, as this will lead to messy leaks. Each inhaler comes with a spare wick, for when you want to change blends. Just wash the glass and metal parts with warm, soapy water, rinse and leave until completely dry before soaking it as instructed above in your chosen blend.

*New colours available*  Purple (pictured), medium blue, royal blue, black, dark grey, gold, silver and pink (matt) and red (glossy). More images coming soon. Please allow for some colour variation. Stock is limited, so if you'd like a particular colour please contact us to check which ones we have in stock before ordering.

* When replacing wick, always ensure that it is sticking out of the glass vial by at least 1mm - if you push it in too far you might have a hard time getting it out again!

Find out what's in these blends - and others you can choose to have custom-added to your inhaler.

You may be aware essential oils vary greatly in price. Each blend is priced individually, so when you select them via the Option buttons, the price for that particular blend will appear - the price at the top of the page is a base price, to which the price of the blends is added. The inhalers will last well, as long as you keep the top on when not in use, and store them in a cool dark place. This will also give you more value for your money.