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Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml

galaxy aromatherapy

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The price of this essential oil has been reduced for quick sale due to short expiry (Dec 2022). If stored in the fridge with lid properly fastened it'll be fine until Feb 2023. Perfect if you love the aroma of mandarin, and go through a lot of it. To be safe, avoid using it on the skin, but it's well suited to use in the diffuser either on its own or blended, or inhaled from a tissue.

100% pure mandarin essential oil (Citrus reticulata.

Mandarin is considered to have similar properties to Tangerine and Sweet Orange.

With nurturing, encouraging and calming actions, mandarin is well-known as one of the children's oils, making it a top choice at bedtime, or when you need to settle upset, angry or overexcited kids. Generally they love it, making it an even more useful oil to have in your aromatherapy first aid kit. These benefits also extend to adults, along with a tonic effect on the digestive system, helping to calm upset stomachs and relieve wind. Safe for pregnancy after the first trimester, tangerine is helpful for the prevention of stretch marks in combination with geranium and lavender, diluted in a blend of avocado and rosehip oils. It is recommended to use it daily from around five months. Useful for oily and congested skin, and acne.

Fragrance: A gentle citrus aroma, milder than that of the fruit.