Softening Lip Balm 4gm

galaxy aromatherapy

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A delicious lip balm. It stays on the lips, without putting a layer on them. It softens, soothes and nourishes dry, cracked or otherwise unhappy lips. Try some and see why people rave over it. Whether you need it or not, you'll love the taste and feel of this natural lip balm. It's also got a long history of being used as a 'magic balm' for kids, on scratches, bumps and ouchies, helping soothe badly cracked skin on the hands, and an assortment of other ails on knees, toes, nipples and elbows. It's amazing the uses customers have found for it!


Jojoba and calendula infused oils, cocoa butter, beeswax, MGO 400+ active manuka honey, vitamin e acetate, rosemary antioxidant and petitgrain, neroli and geranium bourbon essential oils.


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