Day Cream Product Profile


This moisturiser was the very first product made at Galaxy Aromatherapy, way back in 2001. As an excited Aromatherapist in training I was looking for a natural alternative to the mainstream moisturiser I was using, which consistently irritated my skin. Needing a product which absorbed quickly for application under makeup led to the development of this light and gentle moisturiser.


This product has a long and varied history, with women aged from their mid twenties upwards looking for a light, unscented, gentle face cream or moisturiser suited to use with sensitive skin or application before applying makeup, babies and children with skin problems, and men with sensitive skin.


Rose and neroli hydrosols, apricot kernel and jojoba vegetable oils, plant based emulsifying wax, totarol k7, plant based glycerin and rosemary antioxidant.


Silky and soft to the touch, this product can seem a little heavy initially, but on application it disappears quickly into the skin.


The hydrosols in this product give it a wonderful subtle fragrance slightly reminiscent of the orange blossom and rose fragrances, but perhaps a little earthier.


Specifically designed to soothe while it moisturises, this is an ideal moisturiser for those with sensitive skin. Its ability to disappear into the skin makes it a fantastic moisturiser to use before applying makeup, or on the hands if you don't want them left feeling like there's a residue after you've moisturised. It's also got a long history of being used as a base for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions....more information on that another time in the Skin Calm Product Profile.

Recommendations for storage

Store in a cool, dark place....somewhere which stays cool all the time (bathrooms and heated rooms not advised). If possible, store it in the fridge for a longer shelf life. Keep the lid fastened properly when not being used.


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