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galaxy aromatherapy

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Custom-made products are made just for you, so the benefits far outweigh any you’ll get from a product picked off a shelf. We’re all different, so we respond differently to the products we use. If you’ve ever reacted negatively to a prescribed or over-the-counter product or medicine recommended for a condition you have, you’ll understand.

There’s no limit to what can be treated with custom made products – colds/coughs, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, rashes, PMS, pregnancy, headaches, fluid retention, high or low blood pressure, digestive disorders, muscular tension/pain, injuries/bruising/swelling, depression/anxiety, cuts/sores/infections, and much more. Or you can have a skin care routine tailor-made, just for you.

To make your custom product I'll do a consultation with you over the phone to give me a clear picture of your past and present symptoms. Once this is complete I'll start work on your product. This can take some time - generally the longest you'll wait is 1-2 weeks, but often I have custom products made within 1 week. I'll keep in touch throughout, so you know when to expect it to be ready. If you need your product urgently please let me know - there will be a fee of $10 for this. I can have your product ready within 3 business days, provided I have all the ingredients I need in stock. Once you've received it and had the chance to use it for a week or so I'll touch base to make sure it's working for you - or you can contact me any time if you have any questions or concerns. My goal is for you to have a product which works/you love using, so I'll happily make you a new one at no charge if you're unhappy with it.

Past clients who tend to have trouble with ready-made products have found having the option to have custom products made particularly helpful, as I'm able to leave out ingredients which they know they react to.

The cost on this product is for the custom fee only – the cost of the product itself will be added later, once we've worked out what you need and I've written the recipe. The custom fee is a one-off charge, so if you re-order the same product later you'll only pay for the product. If you'd more than one product custom made you'll only pay a fee of $50 per product. I can make creams, balms, gels, oils, sprays, candles, soaps, bath/shower products, cleansers, scrubs and more. The options are endless, so this is the perfect solution if you'd like something made just for you.

If you're not sure what you'd like or have any other questions drop me a line via the Contact Page.