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Tum Ease 100ml

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Tum Ease can be used to soothe the digestive system prior to and after the onset of symptoms. To use it prior: Try applying Tum Ease twice a day (before breakfast and before dinner are good times to use it). It's designed to be used like a massage oil, but only on the stomach. Start off with a small amount, as a little goes a long way (and you don't want to ruin your clothes!). Use one squirt of the pump top to begin, and add more if you need it. Gently massage Tum Ease clockwise into your stomach. It may take some time for you to notice benefits, but some people who've used it have noticed an improvement very quickly. To soothe symptoms: When you experience any of the symptoms which bother you (eg pain, bloating, constipation etc), Tum Ease can be applied as above, then apply a heat pack or hot water bottle, as this will aid absorption and help to ease symptoms. Repeat as needed.

Tum Ease was trialled some time ago, with the majority our "guinea pigs" experiencing relief of symptoms.


Apricot kernel oil and sweet orange, lavender spike, black pepper, peppermint & Roman chamomile essential oils.