Peppy Feet Foot Cream 25gm - Free Trial

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Have you got tired feet, and do you want to help us with our newest product? We'd love you to participate in our trial.

We're looking for testers for Galaxy Aromatherapy's newest product. Peppy Feet Foot Cream nourishes and soothes aching, tired feet, rejuvenating them (and you) at the end of a long day. We've chosen ingredients known for easing the ache in hard-working feet, and also some extra ones for their abilities to aid other conditions commonly suffered by the feet.

A few initial trials on us have left tired feet refreshed and comfortable, and dry, hardened and cracked skin softened.

Your Peppy Feet sample will come in a 25gm blue glass jar, and is made from manuka hydrosol, avocado, calendula & olive oils, plant based emulsifying wax & glycerin, shea butter, Microcare DB, rosemary antioxidant & East Cape manuka, lavender true and peppermint essential oils.

If you participate, we'll send your Peppy Feet Foot Cream out in the next month or so. We'll keep in touch so you know when to expect it to be shipped.

The charge is only to cover shipping - the product is free. If you're ordering other products and already paying shipping or have free shipping, there won't be any additional shipping cost for the trial. You can also collect at no charge, from Longbush, Carterton - to pick up or add Peppy Feet to your order for delivery, please drop us a line.

Please note: By purchasing this product you're agreeing to read the questionnaire we'll send you, before you use Peppy Feet. This is so you know what to look for when using it. You also agree to respond to our emails, and complete our questionnaire after using the product for 2-3 weeks, and and return the questionnaire by the due date.