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Kids' Blends

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Kids' Blends
The perfect trio of essential oil blends for a variety of uses with kids - and they even help soothe adults nerves, too!

Happy Kids: Cheerful citrus paired with balancing oils helps to take the edge off when grumpiness threatens, helping your child to be a happy little angel.

Ingredients: Sweet orange, lime, geranium bourbon & rosewood essential oils.

Calm Kids: Calming and grounding oils gently soothe and settle when little ones get overexcited or upset.

Ingredients: Tangerine, petitgrain, geranium bourbon & Indian sandalwood essential oils.

Sleepy Kids: Gentle sedating and calming oils blend beautifully to help your little one to get a good sleep - and give you a much-needed break!

Ingredients: Mandarin, alpine lavender, palmarosa & Roman chamomile essential oils.


* This pack includes 5ml of each blend.