Flax Heat Pack 13.5cm x 66cm

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1,010.00 Grams
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Flax Heat Pack 13.5cm x 66cm

This brand new heat pack is 13.5cm x 66cm, and has a removable cover, for when it gets a bit grubby. It's the perfect size for hanging around the neck (rest assured, it's been tested a lot for size, shape and it's ability to retain heat), it can be laid across the back when it's painful, or the abdomen for digestive problems/period pain.

They're unscented, but if there's a particular fragrance you'd like added just let me know when you order (this will add a little to the price, but I'll do my best to keep it reasonable).



Broadcloth, corduroy, pure cotton thread and flax seeds (linseeds).