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Our Gardener's Gift Box has had a revamp, and now includes our new Gardener's Soap, along with all our other top gardening products. Buying these products this way gets you 15% off the normal retail price. As with our other gift boxes, it's beautifully packaged complete with ferrero rocher chocolate, and is a must-have for the gardener in your life.

Buzz Off 50ml: Whether you're out in the garden, at the beach or river, having a picnic, playing sport or inside, you'll love this natural insect deterrent. Forget all those awful-smelling mainstream products, this hand made spray with all natural ingredients is effective on a wide range of insects....and it'll leave you smelling great. * Patch testing on a small area is advised.

Ingredients: Distilled water, plant-based solubiliser and red thyme, lemongrass, lavender true and peppermint essential oils.

Gardener's Soap 90gm: A beautiful cleansing soap to help remove stubborn dirt and leave your hands smelling amazing. With a soft and creamy lather and an ability to clean like you wouldn't believe, it's the perfect choice for more than just garden dirt. Garage-hands with all manner of grease and dirt will also be returned to their former selves, and it's a lovely exfoliating body soap perfect for rough skin on the body and it also works a treat on dirty feet - just remember not to use it on delicate skin. For extremely hard-to-shift dirt follow up with our Gardener's Hand Scrub, then top it off with a coating of our Gardener's Hand Cream to nourish your hands.

Ingredients: Plant-based melt & pour soap base, distilled water, green clay, poppy seeds, ground pumice stone, avocado oil, lemon, lavender true and geranium bourbon essential oils.

Gardener's Hand Scrub 25gm: For hands which have been hard at work and have the dirt to prove it, look no further for a gentle yet effective cleanser.
This scrub is a cream-based product so it will gently cleanse and scrub, leaving you wondering why you didn't try it sooner. With exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing and soothing ingredients, this is a product you'll hesitate to wash off. A quick rinse is sufficient once you've got rid of all the dirt, before applying your Gardener's Hand Cream. Our Gardener's Hand Scrub has recently had a makeover, and now comes as a two part product - the base, and the grains which you add each time you use it. If you're a bit heavy on either part when mixing and you run out you can buy them separately, just drop us a line.

Ingredients: Base - Distilled water, olive, avocado and jojoba oils, plant-based emulsifying wax, cocoa butter, totarol K7, lemon essential oil and rosemary antioxidant. Grains - Green clay and poppy seeds.

Gardener's Hand Cream 20gm: The perfect choice for when you're looking for some extra nourishment for your hands after gardening (or a whole range of other indoor and outdoor activities which are hard on your hands). Try this ultra-nourishing moisturiser - with its' enriching and softening ingredients, you'll be amazed how quickly it transforms your hands, leaving them feeling soothed and soft.

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, shea butter, plant-based emulsifying wax, rosehip, calendula infused and avocado oils, plant-based glycerin, totarol K7, rosemary antioxidant, mandarin, rosewood, lavender true, geranium bourbon and neroli essential oils.

Itchless 20gm: Made to soothe sand fly and mosquito bites, this soothing gel cools, eases itches and smells great. Perfect for those days when you got caught without your Buzz Off. It's also been used with great success on a variety of other itches, rashes and minor burns. Safe for children over the age of 3 months.

Ingredients:Aloe vera, chamomile infusion, lavender hydrosol, calendula infused oil, plant-based gelling agent, totarol k7, rosemary antioxidant and lavender true, East Cape manuka and German chamomile essential oils.