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Mother & Baby Gift Box

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100gm Hand & Body Lotion nourishes over-worked hands, 50gm Baby Bum Balm soothes the wee one's bottom, 100ml Nurturing Massage Oil and 2.5ml Uplift Essential Oil Blend help give tired or struggling Mums a lift and time out they so desperately need, 4gm Softening Lip Balm is a delicious joy to use (and has been said to be very helpful for sore/cracked nipples), 10ml Kid's Easy Breathe Essential Oil Blend helps to keep bugs and symptoms at bay, 100ml Baby Massage Oil helps to calm bubs (particularly useful as a tool for settling down at bedtime, and to enhance the bond between Mum and bub), 50ml Teething Oil helps to ease symptoms and calm unhappy little ones when those slow-to-appear teeth are proving stubborn, and 100gm Peppermint Foot Soak revives Mum's tired, aching feet. This incredibly divine, useful selection of products comes beautifully packaged, complete with Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Priced separately, these products usually total $220, so this is a very economical way to get more for less. For full product descriptions of the contents search each product on the website.